My personal life is a testimony to the reality that America`s promise is still alive. It would be irresponsible and ungrateful of me to not give back to our great country. Though our government has failed us from time to time, I believe our greatest days are ahead of us. Our firm foundation has not been moved. It is still there to be built upon. People of vision and hope built America; now our challenge is to dare to be great. Future generations are counting on us to not let them down.

If we are to again achieve great success for America, we must find a way to once again unite as a country and as a people.  We can create opportunity in America once again. Effective public schools, universities, competitive industry, well-paying jobs and comprehensive healthcare are the steps to reclaiming the American Dream.  We all, regardless of our personal state or status in life, have the right and the responsibility to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness.

America is distinguished by our historic commitment to innovation, leadership, courage, compassion, integrity and goodness.  This election should not be about destroying each other’s personalities or positions; but rather, we must focus on our shared hope that we can find a way back to the road to prosperity. I believe in America and I believe in her people.

This election is about our future in North Carolina and throughout America.



Friday, March 21, 2014 9:32 PM

Marshall releases a new Meet Marshall Video.. Watch it!!

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